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Billboard #7

"For The Win" single

Check out David's recent interview with Al Seaforth!

  • David was featured by Phil Denny on
    the song "Feel Alright"
    which went to #2 on the Billboard charts!

CNN iReport Interview

What inspired you to become a jazz musician?

When I was younger I use to listen to George Benson, and one day I got my hands on a Norman Brown album and was hooked ever since. My instrument of choice is the Guitar.

Now you are a jazz artist, explain to our readers what jazz is. Most of this younger generation only understand hip hop, pop, and rap.


Jazz music is the instrumentation of art. Jazz music is that kind of music that gives the artist the freedom to play what’s on their mind and not what’s on the sheet/format. Jazz is being able to express yourself with instruments versus with lyrics, per se.


Jonathan Widran

“Although David P. Stevens is quickly emerging as one of contemporary urban jazz’s top independent artists, he’s still in the place where a single album can make him or break him – which makes his triumphant, freewheeling Mr. Guitar such a deep-rooted, stylistically diverse pleasure. Most artists on the cusp of bigger fame and more prestigious bookings would play it safe, stick to a single flow or pocket and pick a mix of their best songs with only radio programmers in mind. He gives us a lot of that, especially with the powerful “One For Grover” (featuring his equally talented Philly bro Andrew Neu). But beyond the radio-friendly material, he’s not afraid to tell us a real story (what other smooth jazz artist is that conceptual?), taking us on a journey with unexpected destinations like South Africa and a club playing jazz/rock dance fusion. From Grover and MJ to Benson, we see Stevens’ influences clearly and we see where he’s taking them. Ultra-creative, super thoughtful, forward-thinking artists like Stevens show that there is indeed still a lot of excitement in the genre – as long as we have cool adventurers like him to help us look for and discover it!” –

"Virtuosic guitar player that cannot be stopped ..."

Mindener Tageblatt (newspaper)

"Exciting arrangements, virtuosic solos and full of energy ... "


Generalanzeiger Bonn (newspaper)

"Working with David was great fun, he was very well received among our team and audience ..."




"He blew us away ..."


Jazzclub Minden

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